Client Safety and Security

SSL encryption for secure communication and personal data

We take the security of our clients very seriously and want our clients feel safe when visiting our site. Our site is secured with an SSL certificate.

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer which is the technology used for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. In layman’s, it informs our clients that the site they are visiting is fully secure.

All our client login credentials are encrypted during transfer over the Internet and therefore protected against a third party intercepting or viewing any of this sensitive data. The SSL certificate applies the encryption to all website activity, including page and form submissions, and so on. SSL also helps ensure that our clients’ computers are always connecting to and communicating with a genuine Vanguard server. As a client, you can visit our site with confidence

When a site is secured using SSL, you’ll notice that, in the address bar of your browser the “http” that you are probably most familiar with seeing before Web addresses gains an “s” after the “p” to become “https.” When the letter “s” is added to HTTP, this signals that the connection is “secure” or is being handled by SSL.

This allows individuals who are uncertain about a website’s authenticity or trustworthiness to click the “lock” icon in their browser to review more information. If they still do not feel secure, they are able to exit the site.

An example of a secure site:







As a client, you can visit our site with confidence