About Vanguard

Vanguard provides a range of R&D Services to support innovation. Our mission is to enable innovation. Our team has a genuine interest in R&D, innovation and technology

We provide tailored support to clients to facilitate new product development and innovation. Our product development support includes feasibility studies for new products, project management, risk analysis, technology transfer and commercialisation.

We draw on our extensive technical knowledge and experience in industry, to advise and support our clients in accessing R&D Tax Incentives, Government Grants and other Innovation and Growth Incentives.

We assist firms to qualify for the R&D Tax Allowance. We analyse your complex project information and evaluate your eligibility for the tax deduction. We prepare and manage the application for your project until the application is approved. This benefit can save 14% on corporate income tax for qualifying R&D operational expenses.

We translate your company R&D and Innovation needs to understand what support can be accessed. Assist clients in applying for R&D grants. Submit applications to government and manage the process between government and client. We can run workshops for clients to better understand what is available to help them drive more innovation.

As Technology Scouts, we can add value to your Open Innovation strategy. We identify relevant future trends and technologies from outside the organization and identify new partners to help accelerate your innovation program. We can provide support to current projects and help accelerate your innovation program. Our services allows organisations to optimize their internal resources and get access to new technology in a more reliable way. We evaluate the feasibility and business value of new technology and can work with clients to prototyping stage.

Vanguard brings a deep understanding of R&D and innovation. You company may have more ideas than the capability or capacity to commercialise them. We can tailor our support to meet you specific project needs from feasibility studies, project management, innovation planning, risk analysis to technology transfer and commercialisation. Our experience across a range of FMCG industries and technologies can provide input to your project plans, making them more robust and mitigate against risks.

Vanguard R&D Services is about helping companies get a competitive edge.